The Riddlers
played out

The Riddlers

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– The Riddlers –

the Riddlers showed up to say,
the banks don’t want us to play,
they left little clues on just what to do,
but attention you must pay.

so they followed them along,
down paths both right and wrong.
read little Into much and much into little
held their breath for every forthcoming riddle

it was a game they thought but they learned things anew.
about the world, so much ado.
they came for the challenge, but became immersed
in a world they found was quite well rehearsed.

we want to know said the crowd.
tell us the secrets, the meanings, the how.

but the riddlers stayed, Plying their trade

the riddles, the raddles, the meanings they dabbled
the baffled, the addled, the curiously bedraggled.

the mysteries always remained.

bears, knights and kings
baubles and things
bells on a hat,what is all that?
colorful takes, inscrutable snakes
all perplexities to unstring

so look for the Pictures and posts
of the curious, mysterious hosts
there are secrets out there, they are trying to make cLear
follow the riddlErs guidepost


An original rhyme from Banjo Samurai