The Launch Pad
played out

The Launch Pad

NOTE: Holding this NFT at the point the Flare Community passes 40,000 Subscribers will allow you to get the 40,000 NFT airdropped you your wallet!

This NFT represents the huge milestone of 30,000 subscribers of the Flare Community YouTube channel. We have grown massively since the launch of the channel back in January 2021 and I couldn’t be happier.

The imminent launch of the Flare Network will be a game changer, us visionaries have spotted the diamond in the rough, we are the early adaptors and it is us who will play a big role in the direction moving forward!

I dedicate this NFT to you, the members of the Flare Community, those who have shown support at such an early stage of the Flare Network ecosystem, onwards and upwards!