Legendary Defi Samuraï Disciple

Details :

The Legendary Defi Samuraï “Disciple” NFT is linked to the Legendary Defi Samuraï “Master”, an unique NFT mint for Indi, admin for the Flare Finance Beta program on their Discord group.

It’s a collaborative work from “The Bridge” team, to thank Indi for his help and involvement with the participants, but also more generally to the entire Flare Finance team for these two Beta test events of their platform.

The total supply of this NFT is set to 300 at launch, it is available the opening day of the open beta. All unclaimed NFT’s will be burned at the end of beta.
The funds collected will be used to send the NFTs to the various buyers, and the rest will be used entirely for the development of the Sparkles platform.

Sparkles platform will be coming soon, and with the help of the FLR community, the possibility to create, mint, buy and sell NFTs on the Flare Network.